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Chris and I visited the U. S. Space and Rocket Center for the first time in the two years we've been down here when his grandparents visited us in mid-April 2008.

Saturn V rocket

Apollo LEM

A Moon rock

Apollo LEM and luner rover

Time stopped when man touched the surface of the moon

Luner Rover storage

Look how small of space it is!

Manned Maneuvering Unit

From an actual flight!

All the shuttles

Some of the telescopes

Another look at the telescopes

International Space Station model

Huntsville's role in space and rocketry

Titan IV

Ballistic Missile Defense System

Ballistic Missile Defense System part2

Redstone Army stuff

A spider remote thingy

More unmanned vehicles

Climbing a mountain on Mars!

Apollo LEM (on the surface of the moon)

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